Saturday, September 4, 2010

Fucking Shitastic Revolution.

Holy hell balls, Reese fucking candy. These fuckers have got so much win that it is personified in the extreme peanut butter and chocolate harmony. This fucking shit is the food of gods. It contains awesome fucking calories and fucking awesome epicness because fuck you. Aww yeah this fucken shit could fly to the moon if they we're a bicycle and they could destroy japan if they were a firecracker.  Holy goddamn shit of the heavens you must find the holy beings and consume them because no one fucken knows where the world will end. But when it does, you want to fucking have the confidence knowing you fucking ate the shitstormers. Fuck yeah.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Holy Fucking Shit, Coffee.

Be fucking careful you fuckers. This shit can make mountains fucking take off into the stratos-fucking-sphere. This shit can give handicapped people super fucking strength. The creation of this majestic being that is well known by the mortal name of 'Coffee' has been stricken through the ages as one bad ass fucking berverage. The brain exploding caffiene is what fucking does it.
It can turn your brain to mush, but fucking super smart mush, so smart that you could fucking use it as a render farm and render all of avatar in approximately 4 minutes. You could calculate all of the probabilities of the future, and the past. This epic concoction of water and bean is said by some to be the creater, the beginning, the one who designed life as we know it. And we fucking drink it. Thats how fucking awesome and amazing the human fucking race is. Holy fucking shit how the hell could this be?

Good god its fucking Coffee.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Holy Shit, Another Fucking Post.

Great fucking explosion of death, another fucking post. As if one post was not fucking enough. This is the second amazing fucking demonstration of the ridiculously awesome power of awesome in this forum. Fuck grammar, shit fuck amazing awesome epic. HOLY SHIT THIS IS FUCKING AWESOME. This is fucking wednesday. That means that satan has fucking come back after killing all the noob fish in the ocean and he's ready to fuck shit up. Good fucking day.

Holy Shit.

This is the most fucking amazing thing ever created in the fucking universe. God himself would literally shit himself if he even caught a one pixel view of this awesome and amazing site. Fucknuts, how can this even be? The combined awesome of this site is almost enough to bewilder a cool guy. The advertisements merge with the esteemed and perfect content to produce an epic journey of the conscious and the subconscious mind. There is not enough words in all of the dictionaries of the world to accurately describe the awesomeness of this masterful creation. Even if there were however, the human brain simply would not be able to comprehend the unobtainable riches that this article provides. This amazing blog is going to attempt the impossible, it will attempt to describe the epic nature of this site. Holy shit, there will be more to come.